Modern Idioms (and where they come from)



Jumping Sharks and Dropping Mics: Modern idioms and where they come from
Featuring detailed accounts of the origins and usage of over 65 modern idioms from the world of TV, movies, internet culture, sport, modern literature and a miscellaneous set of others, Jumping Sharks and Dropping Mics is the perfect way to learn more about the phrases that have found their way into the English Language from a variety of "modern" sources. Published by Iff Books.

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What people say about Jumping Sharks and Dropping Mics:

“An absolute delight: I wish I’d written it myself! The range of applications in new contexts is second to none. " – David Crystal, author of the Stories of English, How Language Works, and many more books on language.

“A light-hearted and informative treasure trove. ” – Alison Wray, Professor of Language and Communication, Cardiff University, UK

“Smart, funny and crammed full of fascinating facts. The perfect book for word nerds everywhere.” – Gavin Extence, author of "The Universe versus Alex Woods"

“The inherent charm of the English language’s near-countless set pieces is forensically – but affectionately – laid bare.” – Adam Hurrey, author of "Football Clichés".

“A rich dive into the wheres, whys, and hows of linguistics memes.” – Lynne Murphy, author of "The Prodigal Tongue" and Professor of Linguistics, University of Sussex, UK.